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Cloud solution for building professions

With our cloud building solution, centralize the documents of a construction project and collaborate easily with all stakeholders !


Associated professions

Consolidate all the documents of your construction project on a single collaboration platform. Store plans online and exchange them with just a few clicks. With NetExplorer, annotate the files of your choice and have them validated by your collaborators.

Cases of use

Find your plans online 24/7 Find your plans online 24/7

Benefit from a virtual plan box thanks to our Cloud building solution. View your plans from any location and share them with other project stakeholders with no size limit.

Send heavy buidling files Send heavy buidling files

Opt for a cloud computing solution that allows you to share heavy files and exchange easily with others involved in the project.

Collaborate with project stakeholders Collaborate with project stakeholders

Increase the productivity of those involved in the construction project by providing them with collaborative work tools for teamwork and easy exchanges.

Cloud Solution for Real Estate Agencies Cloud Solution for Real Estate Agencies