Double authentication

Increase the security of access to your NetExplorer account.

Additional security

As a reminder, this method adds a unique code, which only you can obtain, to the traditional username/password combination.

Double authentication available

SMS : An authentication code is sent by SMS to the user's mobile phone. 

OTP : An external application (e.g. Google Authenticator) supporting OTP is used to generate an authentication code. 

Yubikey : A physical token (USB key format) generates a secure authentication code. The code is automatically entered by pressing the button on the key.

Secure access to your account
Double authentication available
Configuration on your account

To set up this functionality, go to the "Configuration" - "Security" tab.

This security level can be set at 3 levels:

  • For the whole platform, so that all users can use it
  • By group, previously established
  • By specific user
Take advantage of double authentication
double authentication settings
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