Our infrastructure in France

Store all your organisation's data in France and benefit from maximum security

Your data is hosted in France, on our own infrastructure installed in two Parisian data centers. Your information is therefore subject to European and French legislation (GDPR) in order to guarantee you maximum protection

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Secure your data with our data centers located in France

Our facilities are located in France, more specifically in the Paris region, and their quality is assured by several ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001). Equinix and Zayo are among the best performing data centres in France and are classified as Tier 3+ and Tier 4. Access to the data centres is controlled 24/7 by cameras and staff. The rooms containing the servers are protected by biometric access.

The NetExplorer infrastructure
Data stored on our own servers

Your data is stored on our own servers, with the aim of offering you a top-of-the-range service as well as absolute confidentiality on all the files entrusted to us. Benefit from high performance service levels with a guaranteed availability rate of 99.9%. Our network is protected by firewalls, reverse proxies, as well as DDOS attacks via our load balancers, but also at the operator level.

Store your data in France
Backup policy
Your data always available

All stored files are duplicated in real time on a minimum of 3 storage media distributed in our two geographically distinct data centres. Thus, in the event of a major event physically altering one data centre, your data will still be available on the other site. Furthermore, our backup procedure is accompanied by a 30-day data retention policy. This means that any deleted file can be restored, preventing any loss of data, even inadvertently.  

Opt for the durability of your data
Client testimonial

"We adopted the NetExplorer solution to allow our consultants to access all documents from any computer. The storage of our data in France guarantees the security and confidentiality of our documents. With NetExplorer, we choose a solution that is RGPD compliant and ISO 27001 and 9001 certified."


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