GDPR compliant file sharing

Your personal data protected

NetExplorer only processes the personal data of its customers within the limits of the services provided and ensures that the persons authorised to handle this data are subject to a legal obligation of confidentiality. By opting for NetExplorer, you are using a "privacy by design" tool and reinforcing the security of your information in accordance with the best practices recommended by the CNIL.

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What is the GDPR ?

Regulation harmonising data protection in the European Union, directly applicable in the Member States and in particular in France; it applies alongside French regulations and in particular the amended Data Protection Act. It is a regulation that reinforces the protection of the data of European Union citizens.

Personal data management

NetExplorer accompanies and assists its clients in their compliance during audits. Each client retains control of the data entrusted to it : NetExplorer has no access to any stored file without the client's agreement and authorisation. Store your data in France to ensure the best level of protection for them.

Opt for an GDPR compliant solution
GDPR data
Protect your personal data
With a secure solution
  • Strong authentication : each user has a personal account on the NetExplorer platform and if necessary a double authentication (SMS, OTP or Yubikey)
  • Advanced rights management : allows you to create different levels of access for each user and/or each group of users in order to preserve the confidentiality of information
  • Data traceability : event logs trace all actions performed on the NetExplorer platform allowing for very detailed monitoring
  • Encryption : all data exchanges are encrypted in HTTPS to guarantee maximum security
Protect your data
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