NetExplorer, the specialist in Cloud file management is HDS certified, "Health Data Hosting". Choose a reliable and secure Cloud solution for your health data !

Present on the Cloud Computing market for more than 10 years, NetExplorer offers maximum protection for health data hosting! Through its HDS certification, NetExplorer is authorized to store and process personal health data and offers a specific offer designed for you, healthcare professionals. NetExplorer supports you in the hosting of your health data through storage that complies with all the requirements of the public health code related to the storage of health data.

What is the "Health Data Hosting" certification ?

Health data or personal health data means data relating to the past, present or future physical or mental health of a natural person which reveal information about his or her state of health. Today, HDS certification has become mandatory for all hosts of such data. All companies that host and exploit health data (related to prevention, diagnosis, care or social and medico-social monitoring activities), or that perform backups on behalf of a health institution or third party, must be HDS certified.

The processing of these data requiring hosting must be carried out in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms.


3 categories of health data

The very nature of the data
The very nature of the data

Information relating to medical history, illnesses, care provided, test results, etc., are not included.

Health-related information as a result of data cross-referencing
Health-related information as a result of data cross-referencing

Cross-referencing an individual's height and weight to calculate his or her body mass index (BMI), for example.

The purpose for which the data will be used
The purpose for which the data will be used

Aggregates certain information that may be used, such as the collection of data on a person's ethnic origin, in order to better assess the risk of pathologies and to be able to adapt treatment accordingly.

It is by complying with these provisions that NetExplorer, the Cloud specialist, obtained its certification.

Who must be certified as a "Health Data Hosting Company" ?

As mentioned before, all public or private organizations that host, use health data, or perform backups on behalf of a health care institution or a third party, must be HDS certified (this does not include institutions that manage their own Health Information System).

This certification concerns first of all the datacenters hosting the health data (this is the case for NetExplorer), the editors who operate and maintain the Health Information System for their customers, and finally, more broadly, any solution that exploits health data.


Two types of certifications on digital media

The " Physical Infrastructure Hosting " certification

It concerns organisations that provide and maintain in operational condition the physical sites and physical infrastructure for the processing of health data.

"Managed Hosting Provider" Certification

It concerns the organizations that make available and maintain in operational condition the virtual infrastructure and hosting platform for health data. These organisations must also manage the administration, operation and outsourced backup of the information system containing the health data.

Our NetExplorer structure is HDS certified for all these activities described above and is present in the list of certified hosting providers.

How did NetExplorer obtain the "Health Data Hosting" certification ?

Personal health data are particularly sensitive and must be hosted under security conditions appropriate to their criticality. The hosting modalities of these data must be managed by a third party certified by a certifying body itself approved by COFRAC. In the case of NetExplorer, BSI was the certifying body.

The HDS certification referential is based on international certification standards as well as additional requirements such as ISO 27001 certification. Once the HDS certification project and its scope have been validated with the certifying body, the compliance process is punctuated by 3 key steps: implementation, audit and obtaining certification (as a "Physical Infrastructure Hosting Provider" and/or "Managed Hosting Provider").

At the end of these steps, NetExplorer has received the certificate, which is issued for a period of three years by the certification body and a surveillance audit is carried out every year.


The 3 key steps to obtain certification

The implementation

The organization that wishes to host health data must set up within its structure an ISMS (Information Security Management System) compliant with the HDS standard

The audit

A documentary audit (to determine the documentary compliance of the system) as well as an on-site compliance audit are carried out. At the end of these two audits, any non-conformities that the health data host must rectify are pointed out.


The health data host obtains an HDS certificate mentioning the perimeter "physical infrastructure host" and/or "managed host" depending on the activities described above.


  • Patients and medical staff
  • Hospitals
  • The clinics
  • Medical and paramedical offices
  • Medical analysis laboratories
  • Medical research institutes
  • Occupational health services

  • Occupational health services
  • Insurance
  • Mutual health insurance
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmacies
  • Retirement homes
  • Social organizations
  • ...

The protection of personal data is at the heart of NetExplorer's concerns.

An HDS offer has been specially designed for you, actors in the world of health !

Why choose NetExplorer's HDS offerings ?

  • High level of security and confidentiality of personal health data
  • Certification for all six activities covered by decree no. 2018-137 of 26 February 2018 relating to the hosting of personal health data
  • Compliance with HDS standards and regulations
  • Guarantee of privacy and medical confidentiality
  • Hosting of your health data in data centers in France
  • Quality SaaS solution (storage, file sharing and collaborative work), as the main tool within your structure

What to store on the NetExplorer Cloud Platform ?

  • Medical examinations
  • Medical records
  • Post-operative photos
  • Orders
  • Physician Notes
  • Medical Reports
  • Examination results: biology, radiology, imaging

  • Reports of consultation, intervention, exploration or hospitalization
  • Drug Prescriptions
  • Laboratory results
  • Medical Certificates
  • Correspondence between health professionals
  • ...

NetExplorer, the file management solution dedicated to Connected Healthcare

With the French solution NetExplorer, share all your medical documents, when and where you want, and in complete security !

Playback and file sharing
  • Access a personal and/or shared workspace and view all types of medical documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.
  • Send your sensitive data to your colleagues or patients in just a few clicks.
  • Optimize your exchanges by creating your own online workspace, accessible through any Internet browser.
Simplified collaboration between health professionals
  • Create common files to easily collaborate on patient records
  • Add an annotation on a file or folder and follow the progress of your projects
  • Use the tracking tool and find all the actions performed by the users of your Cloud platform: you know who does what!
24/7 access to the platform
  • Consult your medical documents on your premises or during your travels.
  • Synchronize your files from your workstation and edit them with or without an Internet connection.
  • Upload your business documents with Android and iOS mobile applications
Storage in France
  • NetExplorer offers you data hosting on servers based in France
  • Opt for a Private Cloud or Dedicated Cloud offer
  • Host your health data in our datacenters located in Paris