Interconnections with NetExplorer

Interconnect authentication methods and directorie services with NetExplorer, the french file management solution!

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Today, the use of various secure and effective authentication methods has become a very important requirement within companies. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and Active Directory are the two most popular directory systems among professionals.

The LDAP connector allows you to interconnect NetExplorer with your company's internal directory. If you have an LDAP or Active Directory compatible, then you will be able to connect it to the NetExplorer service. Thus, it is possible to import your users and groups on your NetExplorer platform without having to recreate them. Thus, your users have a single account to connect to all the company's services (messaging, CRM, ERP etc.).


  • LDAP allows you to facilitate and centralize the management of your users and groups by synchronizing them with your NetExplorer platform.
  • Users log in with their usual login and password.
  • Administrators can configure access rights for synchronized users and groups.
  • It only takes a few minutes for all your employees to connect to the NetExplorer platform: accesses are automatically created. 
  • You save precious time during the set-up of your platform


SSO (Single Sign On) allows a centralized and secure connection of your users via the solution already implemented within your company (for example: Active Directory Federation Services).

Your users do not have to re-enter their credentials each time they log on to NetExplorer. This way, the authentication phase is automated and your users save time ! 

NetExplorer is compatible with OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 single sign-on systems. 

Combine an SSO system with a directory (LDAP) to offer your users a fully automated login experience !


Microsoft Office 365 is integrated with the NetExplorer platforms and facilitates collaborative work. 

Once NetExplorer is interconnected with your company's Microsoft Office 365 portal, the user accounts and groups created in Office 365 (Azure Active Directory) will be available on your platform. To authenticate, users will be redirected to the Office 365 portal and log in with their usual user ID and password (SSO). This interconnection method combines the advantages of both a directory (account synchronization) and an SSO system (centralized authentication).

NetExplorer's interconnection with Office 365 also allows you to view and edit your documents through "Office Online". 

What are the advantages of interconnection with Office 365 ?

  • Editing files directly online in your web browser
  • Collaborative work in real time on the same document
  • Centralized user management: your Office 365 accounts are available in NetExplorer, without having to recreate user accounts manually and in duplicate.
  • The connection is automatic, you don't need to re-enter your login and password, one click is enough.

"With the professional solution NetExplorer, we can connect very easily to the Microsoft Office 365 portal. Users and groups are automatically available on our NetExplorer platform ! We saved valuable time during the implementation of the service. "


NetExplorer's API (Application Programming Interface) in REST (Representational State Transfer) format allows you to easily communicate an external program or application with your NetExplorer platform. The API includes all of NetExplorer's features: adding a user, right management, uploading a file, adding an annotation, etc.

Integrate NetExplorer into your company's software and benefit from the features of the file sharing solution interconnected with your everyday tools.

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