Who are we ?

NetExplorer is the French specialist in file sharing, collaborative work and online storage for almost 15 years.

The NetExplorer management team

Bertrand Servary

Bertrand Servary

Managing Director

A computer enthusiast and entrepreneur at heart, Bertrand Servary began developing NetExplorer during his studies. Convinced that the future of professional documents was in the Cloud and that employee support was at the heart of the digitalisation of companies, he was a precursor in the field of dematerialisation, document sharing and collaborative work, making ergonomics his battle horse. Concerned about the quality of service provided to our customers, he never stops suggesting functional improvements to NetExplorer to his teams. Although he has now put aside software development, he is an outstanding manager.

Bertrand Servary is a firm believer in the importance of collaboration and teamwork in the productivity of companies.


Antony Girault

Antony Girault


Partner, President and Head of Risk & Infrastructure, Antony Girault is in charge of NetExplorer's functional planning. Probably one of the best French experts in networks and IT systems, he is capable of designing and operating high value-added infrastructures and critical systems in record time and at a fair cost, perfectly in line with our clients' resources and expectations. This allows NetExplorer to guarantee and control the entire technical chain in-house.

When this IT enthusiast is not working in a data centre, he is interested in everything related to R&D. With a view to constant improvement, he never stops pushing the technical limits to offer ever higher availability rates.


NetExplorer team

The NetExplorer team is made up of about twenty employees divided between Toulouse and Paris, 80% of whom are allocated to the technical development of the solution and to support.

NetExplorer's positioning


Cloud computing is a new source of performance for companies. It reduces costs related to the company's information system, improves teamwork thanks to collaborative work tools, and increases employee productivity by saving them precious time.

Professionals handle confidential data and their activities involve specific needs, more precise and numerous than those of a private individual. NetExplorer, thanks to the total control of its solution, is positioned as an expert in file storage and sharing while guaranteeing optimal security for professionals.


NetExplorer ensures the quality of its services through total control of its solution, from development to hosting infrastructure. This is why we are committed to :

  • Provide a professional solution 100% developed in-house.
  • Provide our customers with quality support from our technical teams.
  • Guarantee data protection by hosting them in data centres located in France, and by applying a strict and optimal security policy.
  • To propose a tailor-made offer adapted to the needs of each client, from very small businesses to large groups.