Connecting NetExplorer as a network drive

Access your folders stored in the cloud directly from your workstation, via the network drive.

Your workspace accessible with the NetExplorer network drive

Access your folders and files stored in the Cloud directly from your local workstation using the NetExplorer Drive application ! By connecting your platform as a network drive, your documents are immediately available from your workstation. You no longer need to connect to a web interface to access your file tree. Find all your data via the network drive, permanently connected to your platform thanks to your internet connection. Unlike synchronization there is no impact on your computer's disk space. You can therefore connect with your large files on a network drive just as easily as with a USB key !

Work quickly with NetExplorer Drive
  • Access all your documents : Office, PDF, images, videos etc. find the same files as the web interface.
  • View your file from your workstation and modify it easily. You don't need to download it first !
  • As soon as you make a modification, your document is automatically saved in real time on your NetExplorer web platform.
Advantages of the network drive connection
  • Version management : NetExplorer Drive keeps as many versions of your files as you want. Work peacefully, you can go back at any time.
  • Automatic locking of documents being edited : just like other NetExplorer applications, as soon as a user opens a file from the network drive to edit it, it locks to avoid duplicate versions !
  • The NetExplorer Bin : files have been inadvertently deleted via the network drive ? Don't panic, they are kept in the NetExplorer bin, and can be restored from the web interface.
  • Quick access without using a VPN : it only takes a few clicks to connect your platform as a network drive. No more VPN connection nightmares and location constraints !

Your access method for total mobility

NetExplorer Drive is compatible with Windows 7 and newer (Windows 10 recommended). For Mac users, it is possible to connect the platform as a network drive directly from Finder.

In order to improve your company's image and to federate your users, the NetExplorer Drive application can be customized with your logos and colors, just like your web interface.