Our other data locations

Host your data in the country of your choice !

You wish to store your files outside France ? Choose Luxembourg or Switzerland while remaining in control of your data !

Looking for a professional file sharing solution in Switzerland? Thanks to our trusted partner Syselcom, we can offer you a tailor-made service according to your needs. Storage, sharing, collaborative work... you have access to multiple functionalities to save time in your company on a daily basis! Host your data directly in Switzerland and benefit from a personalized follow-up with Syselcom's sales and technical teams.

NetExplorer, French specialist of file management in the Cloud since 2007, offers you a turnkey solution according to the size of your company and your activity. Does your company need to store confidential data or share large files with your customers? Discover our solution in SaaS mode. Your data is stored in France and is therefore protected by European and French laws. Equip your teams with a professional solution 100% designed in-house by our engineers.

Resident in Luxembourg ? Equip your company with a secure and high-performance Cloud Computing solution offering you high-end storage in the LuxConnect data center. NetExplorer backs up all your data 24/7 to keep your sensitive data confidential! Exchange all your documents through an easy-to-use sharing platform and facilitate collaborative work internally or with your partners.