PCI DSS certified file storage and sharing

A very high level of security for your data

With NetExplorer's PCI DSS certified offer, you benefit from a very high level of security and concrete measures for the sharing and storage of your banking data. A true reference and proof of security, the NetExplorer PCI DSS certification is accompanied by security audits carried out quarterly on your own platform in order to certify its compliance.

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What is PCI DSS certification ?

The PCI DSS is the global security standard for all organisations that store, process and transmit cardholder data and/or sensitive authentication data. The PCI DSS sets a benchmark for consumer protection and aims to reduce fraud and data breaches.

The NetExplorer offer
PCI DSS certified

It includes : 

  • An annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) regarding the PCI security standard. It is completed and maintained by NetExplorer.
  • A quarterly external security audit conducted by an approved analysis provider. The audit report is then sent to the customer.
  • A certificate of compliance (AOC). This document is available on request. For this you can contact our sales department.
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Accessible certification
For any organisation requiring a very high level of security

NetExplorer's PCI DSS certification is available to any organisation that requires a very high level of security, whether or not you store banking data. Among other things, it allows you to : 

  • To have a very high level of security, equivalent to the banking sector
  • Benefit from concrete measures for the protection of your data
  • To certify the security of your data storage to your customers and partners (internationally recognised PCI standard)
  • To benefit from a quarterly security audit for your platform
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