File synchronization

Synchronise your documents on your computer from your NetExplorer platform

Synchronisation software

NetExplorer provides a convenient access method for your users: NetSync. It is a data synchronisation software. It installs directly on your PC or MAC and allows you to synchronise the folders of your choice in real time on your workstation. If you don't want to use the NetExplorer web platform, you can use NetSync to make your folders available on your desktop. NetSync informs your collaborators automatically when a document is added or updated. Thanks to the delta block mode, NetSync is a very fast synchronisation software.

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Work mobile with NetSync


Save time without going through the web interface, and edit your documents directly from your computer. Access your synchronised folder in NetSync, create download links and drop links by right clicking on the folder or document of your choice.


As soon as a document is edited by a user, NetSync automatically locks it to prevent multiple people from editing it at the same time. This avoids version conflicts or duplicates. Locking can also be done manually, useful if you want to work offline. This feature is exclusive to NetExplorer !


With NetSync, your files are accessible even without an Internet connection. This application can be very useful when you travel for work! You can lock the documents you want to modify beforehand. These will unlock and update themselves for other users as soon as an Internet connection is available again.


Desktop notifications automatically notify users in real time when a new document is available, or when a file has been updated on NetExplorer. When clicked, they return you to the target folder of the files.

Keep your work habits

Designed to simplify users' day-to-day projects, the NetSync synchronisation software is directly integrated into the workstation. It is quick and intuitive to use. Icons indicate the status of the synchronisation :

  • Blue: the document is being synchronised
  • Green: the document is synchronized
  • Grey: the document is locked

Facilitate collaborative working within your organisation

Need to work remotely with several people on the same project? NetSync can help ! Access your document directly via your laptop, whether you are in your office, in a meeting with a client or on the road. Edit your file, even without an Internet connection. All changes are saved as you go along and your file is updated on your platform as soon as you regain your Internet connection. All actions carried out on your document are recorded in the activity tab. Your collaborators can thus have a detailed follow-up and can download the version of their choice.

collaborative work with netsync