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Collaborate easily with NetExplorer

Collaboration solution for professionals

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Work in groups, at the same time

Increase productivity by collaborating simultaneously on the same document

Co-edit your files with others to move forward on your projects: the changes made by each user appear in real time, even in revision mode! Ergonomic and practical, your teams collaborate more easily on a daily basis.

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A shared and secure file with your team members

All participants remain informed of the evolution of the document, working together has never been so easy !

Invite a member of your team to the folder of your choice, assign access rights and work collaboratively on the files concerned. Take advantage of a central place to collaborate with your team and be informed, via notifications, about any change in your file: upload, modification, creation of a sharing link, etc.

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Large companies already using NetExplorer

Return to the previous version at any time

NetExplorer version history keeps track of all your changes

Your NetExplorer platform keeps a version history of each file so you can go back at any time

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Your teams can then download the version of their choice if needed. The versioning system is compatible with all file formats, regardless of their size.

Client testimonial

"With NetExplorer, students have access to their resources whenever they want and can work on their project with multiple students at the same time. In addition, they are alerted when a professor uploads new documents to their shared folder and always have access to the latest version of the files."


Collaborate from a simple web browser

No need for third party software, find your office interface in one click in your NetExplorer space

Easy to use, you can quickly co-edit any type of document with your team. If you already work with an office suite like Office365, don't worry, NetExplorer is compatible with Office formats such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

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Review documents online

In synchronous or asynchronous mode, versioning to the final document becomes a pleasure

Review your legal documents or contracts in real time. With NetExplorer, you have access to all the changes made to a file and can follow each version up to the final version of the document.

Make progress on your projects with your collaborators, whether or not you are in the same place, and energize exchanges via annotations or comments integrated directly into the document.

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A collaborative space at the heart of your business

Find all your team members, customers or partners, on your NetExplorer space, even those who do not have a user account

Regardless of the document and the number of stakeholders

All participants share a common space, whether they have a user account or not. Call for tender, brainstorming, text review: create documents, edit and collaborate on all your projects regardless of the number of participants.

Need to add a participant ? Invite new users to your shared space at any time as your project progresses.

Your professional data, everywhere, all the time.