Collaborative platform : work on shared folders and improve teamwork

Do you wish to collaborate on joint projects and documents with parties both inside and outside your organisation ? The NetExplorer Cloud platform allows you to centralise all your documents in a single workspace, promoting collaboration within your company. Take advantage of an ergonomic and intuitive platform, facilitating project tracking, communication and document sharing.



Login to the NetExplorer platform and create the folders of your choice. As an administrator, assign access rights to your users so that they can benefit from online collaborative spaces. Depending on the assigned rights, they will be able to add new documents, edit them, delete them or invite other users to work with them on a project. Your collaborators save time and access their files 24/7.



On each folder or shared file, the NetExplorer platform team members can access all the actions performed. Who modified a document, when and from where? How many times has it been shared or downloaded? Who has consulted the latest version of the file? With this information, everyone keeps up-to-date on the progress of the project, collaborative work becomes easier! If the platform administrators have chosen to enable versioning, collaborators will also be able to access previous versions of a file if they need to go back to that version of their work.



With NetExplorer's integrated online editing, modify your documents with several people thanks to collaborative editing : each user's changes appear in real time on your screen. The modifications made to your file are automatically saved. NetExplorer's built-in document editing is compatible with all Office formats such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

NetExplorer also allows you to edit a document via the application installed on your workstation. When the user opens the document on his/her workstation, it locks automatically to prevent other users from making changes at the same time and to avoid version conflicts.


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NetExplorer includes an online file editing and co-editing system ! This solution facilitates collaborative work while providing an integrated and simplified experience. Your users access their files from any device in complete security, and can edit them without having to install software on their workstations. The benefits ? A productivity gain, a practical and easy-to-use collaborative tool that facilitates, among other things, teleworking and the ability to edit documents even without an Office licence !

View and edit a document online

With NetExplorer's integrated document editing, modify your Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, but also LibreOffice) directly from your Internet browser in NetExplorer.

Edit your files in a single workspace while using an easy-to-use and secure interface.

Collaborate on a file in real time

Edit documents with several users and directly from your NetExplorer platform thanks to simultaneous editing : each user's changes appear in real time on your screen, even in revision mode.

Handy if you need to move forward on a joint project ! All the changes made to your file are automatically saved, so you don't have to save them manually.

Stay in control of your data

By being fully integrated into your platform, NetExplorer file editing guarantees you total control over your files : they do not leave the NetExplorer ecosystem and are not processed by any external tool or servers.

The confidentiality and security of your data is preserved.

Office 365 users ? Take advantage of the interconnection between NetExplorer and Office 365.



Add an annotation to your file and view other users' comments live. Move forward on your projects with your collaborators, whether you are in the same place or not, and boost your exchange moments thanks to a simple collaboration tool.


Automatically notify your collaborators or partners as soon as a document is added or modified on your NetExplorer platform. Improve communication with email alerts that can be customized to your needs.

"Teamwork has never been easier or more efficient since I equipped my company with NetExplorer."


NetExplorer keeps a version history of each file, so you can go back at any time, if needed. As an administrator, you can choose how many versions you want to keep in this history. Thanks to the ergonomic interface of the NetExplorer platform, you can set up the document versioning system at your convenience and choose the maximum number of versions of a document that you wish to keep. Your teams can then download the version of their choice of a file whenever they need it.