NetExplorer downloads

Find here all the necessary tools to take full advantage of the NetExplorer offer.


picto NetSync Windows (EXE, ~19 MB)
NetSync Windows (EXE, ~19 MB)

Windows 7 and above

picto NetSync MAC (DMG, ~15 MB)
NetSync MAC (DMG, ~15 MB)

Mac OSX 10.10 and above

Netexplorer for Outlook

picto NetExplorer for Outlook (for Start, Pro and Company offers) (EXE; ~1MB)
NetExplorer for Outlook (for Start, Pro and Company offers) (EXE; ~1MB)

Plugin to interconnect to your NetExplorer platform

Netexplorer Drive

picto NetExplorer Drive (EXE, ~187 KB)
NetExplorer Drive (EXE, ~187 KB)

Connection wizard for the WebDav network drive, for Windows 7 and above

Netexplorer Mobile

picto NetExplorer for iOS
NetExplorer for iOS

For iPhone and iPad, iOS 11 and above

picto NetExplorer for Android
NetExplorer for Android

For Android smartphone and tablet

Remote Support / Getting Started

picto Teamviewer (EXE/DMG, ~5 MB)
Teamviewer (EXE/DMG, ~5 MB)

Getting started remotely (Windows and MAC)


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