NetExplorer downloads

Find here all the necessary tools to take full advantage of the NetExplorer offer.


picto NetSync Windows (EXE, ~19 MB)
NetSync Windows (EXE, ~19 MB)

Windows XP and above

picto NetSync MAC (DMG, ~15 MB)
NetSync MAC (DMG, ~15 MB)

Mac OSX 10.10 and above

Netexplorer for Outlook

picto NetExplorer for Outlook (for Start, Pro and Company offers) (EXE; ~1MB)
NetExplorer for Outlook (for Start, Pro and Company offers) (EXE; ~1MB)

Plugin to interconnect to your NetExplorer platform

Netexplorer Drive

picto NetExplorer Drive (EXE, ~187 KB)
NetExplorer Drive (EXE, ~187 KB)

Connection wizard for the WebDav network drive, for Windows Vista and above

Netexplorer Mobile

picto NetExplorer for iOS
NetExplorer for iOS

For iPhone and iPad, iOS 8 and above

picto NetExplorer for Android
NetExplorer for Android

For Android smartphone and tablet

Remote Support / Getting Started

picto Teamviewer (EXE/DMG, ~5 MB)
Teamviewer (EXE/DMG, ~5 MB)

Getting started remotely (Windows and MAC)


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