Cloud solution for signing and validating documents

Validate and sign documents

From creation to signature, simplify the life cycle of your documents

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Opt for a signature with legal value

Electronic signatures have the same legal value as a handwritten signature

NetExplorer signatures are eIDAS compliant and guarantee the legal value of the signature on the document.

Benefit from superior authentication with the advanced electronic signature, which includes a procedure for verifying the identity of the signatory via the transfer of his or her identity document.

Sign your documents quickly

Save time by approving documents within your NetExplorer space

Increase the speed of your team's work and your processes by fully dematerializing document review operations

Approve or have approved, in a few clicks, the version of a document withmembers of your team. Inform all stakeholders from your space. Save time and your projects move forward faster !

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Large companies already using NetExplorer

Sign documents
directly online

Collecting consent has never been easier with NetExplorer's integrated electronic signature

Sign and have your contracts signed directly from your NetExplorer platform. Eliminate manual tasks and time-consuming exchanges. Validate or have your contracts validated with a completely digital signature.

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Client testimonial

"The electronic signature with NetExplorer, in addition to being easy to use, is compliant with European regulations, thus securing the signature of our documents. We can share our files remotely with our customers and be assured of a fast signature process. Finally, we no longer have to worry about archiving our documents after signing since they remain in the NetExplorer ecosystem."

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A unified workflow for your teams and your customers

NetExplorer centralizes the life cycle of your files, whoever your correspondents are

Centralize the various stages of your file lifecycle in a single space, regardless of your correspondents.

With NetExplorer, you can create your contract, work with several people at the same time, share it with your teams in an unlimited way to go through the various validation stages and finally have it signed by your clients with ease.

Enjoy a unified and simplified workflow. Save time with your teams for the signature of your documents.

Centralize your files
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A secure environment for your most sensitive contracts

NetExplorer complies with the main standards to ensure the security of your data

RGPD compliant, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, NetExplorer brings you the necessary guarantees to process all your files, even the most sensitive ones.

NetExplorer keeps full traceability of all your files within the event logs. Whether they are shared or sent for signature, all the information concerning your documents is kept : date of the action, time, user identity, access method and IP address.

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Integrate NetExplorer workflows into your applications

The NetExplorer API allows you to integrate your file lifecycle where you need it

With the NetExplorer API, you benefit from a reliable, simple and quick to implement solution for integrating the lifecycle of your files with your everyday tools.

Take advantage of document validation and signature directly from your business applications.

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