BTP & construction: simplify and secure file sharing

btp file sharing

As a building and civil engineering professional, file sharing is an important part of your work. Between plans, studies, estimates, invoices... it takes a lot of organization to bring all this data together in a single environment, while enabling simple, efficient collaboration and total traceability.

NetExplorer has developed a cloud-based file storage and sharing solution to help you manage your data.

NetExplorer integrates into your business applications, so it doesn't change your working habits.

btp file sharing
BTP real estate data management

Philippe LECOCQ,

CIO of Louis De Waele Construction

"Working in the construction industry, we need to exchange numerous documents with partners or subcontractors. We chose NetExplorer over a dozen other online platforms. The simplicity of its use and configuration, the user-friendliness of the interface from an end-user point of view, and the fast, efficient support were really decisive factors in our final choice. In use, the platform delivers on all its promises, combining speed, flexibility and ease of use. What's more, it can be exported to smartphones and tablets, and to make matters worse, the budget is quite reasonable."

A solution tailored to your needs

btp file sharing

Design and study

Whether you're an architect, a project manager, a geotechnician or a member of a design office, you can centralize all your documents on a single platform and easily transmit your projects to your customers, suppliers, collaborators, service providers and those working in the field on your construction sites.

btp file sharing

Structural work

Access your jobsite files from any device and share them with your teams in the field for instant consultation.

Focus on your core business without wasting time.

btp file sharing

Finishing work

The electrician intervenes before the plasterer, who in turn intervenes before the painter... Coordination, both in the field and in the management of your data, is essential!

As a building and civil engineering professional, it's essential to simplify file sharing between the various parties involved.

NetExplorer: what are the advantages for
the building and construction industry?  

Data storage & backup

Benefit from a fully secure storage platform to bring all your documents together in a single environment. Outsourcing your data storage to the NetExplorer platform guarantees total traceability and data integrity.

Learn more about NetExplorer trusted cloud storage

Secure sharing

Save time by sharing documents relating to your construction projects in a matter of seconds, without worrying about size or format. Share plans, estimates, invoices... with all the parties involved in your construction projects, with complete control over access authorizations. File sharing has never been simpler or more secure for construction professionals.

Simplified collaboration

Benefit from simplified document management via an online co-editing system to collaborate with your partners and subcontractors, at the same time.

A workflow display lets you check the status of your documents at a glance.

Find out more about simplified collaboration

Validation & Signature

Simplify the document validation process directly from your business applications. Save time too, with NetExplorer's legally binding electronic signature.

Getting your teams, service providers, partners and customers to sign various documents has never been so quick and easy. 

Find out more about electronic signatures

Access rights

Manage the confidentiality of your documents by setting up access rights per file or folder for all stakeholders: architect, project manager, bricklayer, electrician, temporary workers... not forgetting your customers, service providers and subcontractors. You can easily share each document with the relevant contacts, without it being visible to everyone.


Tattoo documents

Fight sensitive data leakage with document watermarking. This technology discourages malicious behavior by tracking and tracing a file. This protection is provided by two types of marking: a visible watermark or an advanced invisible marking.

Remote access and interconnection

With NetExplorer's mobile application, you have permanent access to documents relating to all your projects, regardless of location. Consult, store and share files directly from your mobile devices, wherever your worksite is located. Don't have an Internet connection? A data synchronization module lets you work off-net. 

Integrate NetExplorer with your organization's business applications via a simple API. You'll benefit from all the platform's features, without having to change the way you work.

The most certified solution on the market

NetExplorer has been the French specialist in file sharing, collaborative working and online storage for over 15 years. The solution is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and HDS certified by Afnor, the benchmark certification body in France and internationally. It is also RGPD and PCI DSS compliant, making it the most certified solution on the market.

A team of experts in France, at your side

The NetExplorer sovereign cloud means a team in France at your service. From deployment to use, you can count on our experts to answer all your questions, directly by phone, e-mail or live chat.

Being at your side also means meeting your new expectations. That's why NetExplorer is constantly evolving, thanks to your feedback.

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