Our infrastructures in France

Store your data in France

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Your data is hosted in France, on our own infrastructure installed in two Parisian data centers.

Your information is therefore subject to European and French legislation in compliance with the RGPD in order to guarantee you maximum protection.

Our infrastructures are located in France and more precisely in the Paris region, whose quality is ensured by the certifications ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 CERTIFICATIONS.

Equinix and Zayo are among the top-performing data centers in France and are classified as Tier 3+ and Tier 4.

Access to these data centers is controlled 24/7 by cameras and physical persons. The rooms containing the servers are protected by biometric access.

The NetExplorer infrastructure

Your data is stored on our own servers, in order to offer you a high quality service as well as absolute confidentiality on all the entrusted files.

Benefit from high-performance services with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Our network is protected by firewalls, reverse proxy, and DDOS attacks via our load balancers, but also at the operator level.

What does it bring you?

Guarantee a very high level of security and concrete measures for the management of your organization's data thanks to our data centers in France.

All information stored on your NetExplorer solution is backed up in real time on two geographically distant servers. Thus, in case of a major problem, your data is not lost and remains accessible.

The location of our infrastructures and our teams in France makes us subject to French and European legislation.

NetExplorer is therefore RGPD compliant to provide you with highly secure services.

When you outsource your organization's data to NetExplorer, you can be sure that you are in control of your data at all levels.

Our data centers in France, Equinix and Zayo, are among the most efficient in the market and are classified as Tier 3+ and Tier 4, which are the highest levels of requirements.

These guarantees ensure optimal protection of your sensitive and confidential data.

By opting for the NetExplorer solution, you benefit from a team in France, at your side.

To deal with a technical problem or for any question, our team is listening to your needs and remarks. Your requests are treated in priority and you benefit from a tailor-made support.

All of this makes it much easier for you to do your job and saves you precious time.

data storage in France

Your data always available

All stored files are duplicated in real time on at least 3 storage media distributed in our two geographically distant data centers.

Thus, in case of a major event that physically alters one data center, your data will still be available at the other site.

In addition, our backup procedure is accompanied by a 30-day data retention policy. Thus, any deleted file can be restored, avoiding any loss of data, even inadvertently.

NetExplorer hosts and stores all your organization's data in France to ensure maximum security.