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Share your files easily, with no size limits or format constraints!

With NetExplorer Share, personalize your sharing space and stay in control of your brand image.

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No size limit

Simplify the sharing of even large files and folders, either by email or by link.

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Integrate our solution with your existing file management system, cloud or onpremise.

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Ensure total security for confidential exchanges.

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to use

Share your files with your contacts in just one click, from any device.

File sharing has never been easier

Share all types of files (folders, presentations, spreadsheets, text documents, videos, photos...) with your contacts, customers and service providers. NetExplorer Share lets you exchange files with no size limit, while ensuring secure transfers: expiry date, password or SMS code protection, and access control.

NetExplorer lets you securely share files and folders of all sizes and formats, directly by link or email. Ideal for fast, protected data transfer, and adapted to all your professional communication and exchange needs.

With NetExplorer, you can easily receive documents from partners or customers directly into the folder of your choice. The NetExplorer deposit link makes it easy to collect files and folders, while guaranteeing the security of your data. NetExplorer checks the validity of the link, and performs an antivirus analysis of all transmitted elements to protect your information system from any virus or malicious content.

NetExplorer lets you share complete files for efficient two-way communication. Instant, secure sharing for projects requiring coordination and constant updating. NetExplorer simplifies document management and reinforces the security of data exchanges with third parties outside the organization.

NetExplorer eliminates size and format constraints for file sharing, making it easy to send large documents, videos or complete folders. This capability ensures unlimited exchanges, with secure and efficient transmission, adapted to all your professional needs.

Unlimited sharing
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Data security

NetExplorer offers the most certified file-sharing solution on the market. Opt for uncompromising data security when exchanging files externally.

  • Proven security measures: dual authentication, data isolation, encryption and antivirus protection.
  • A sovereign solution: your data is hosted and managed in France, and remains subject to European and French legislation.
  • Our certifications: NetExplorer is certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting Company) to guarantee total security for your data.
  • RGPD compliant: Our security and personal data protection measures make NetExplorer a trusted partner that makes it easy for you to comply with the RGPD.

A sharing platform to match your image

Your brand image is preserved and your contacts reassured: your NetExplorer platform is customized to your corporate identity.

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Need to know more about NetExplorer Share?

Our options for NetExplorer Share

Complete your NetExplorer Share offer according to your uses and needs.

Electronic signature

Simplify your signature processes with our secure electronic signature compliant with European standards (eIDAS).

NetExplorer API

Benefit from tailor-made integration and total customization thanks to our API access. It adapts to your existing systems and business applications.

Tattoo of

Secure your documents with our digital watermarking service! Each file is marked with a unique identifier, ensuring its traceability over time.

Would you like to go even further?

Discover NetExplorer Workspace - NetExplorer's collaborative solution

Our collaborative file management solution combines secure sharing and effective collaboration, essential for optimizing teamwork and business productivity.

  • A complete collaborative suite: create, modify and co-publish in real time! Collaborate with ease, and precisely manage access and modification rights for your files.
  • Simplified document management: thanks to versioning, you can access all the changes made to a file and track each version up to the final version of the document.
  • A collaborative tool accessible from anywhere: whether you're using a computer, tablet or cell phone, NetExplorer's secure web interface gives you permanent access to all your data.
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Choose the Share offer that's right for you

Share Pro

9,9€ HT / mois / utilisateur


Share features

From 3 users

Unlimited external users

Share features
From 3 users

Share Enterprise

From €490 excl. tax / month


Share features

Unlimited users

Dedicated infrastructure

Unlimited external users

Share features
Unlimited users
Dedicated infrastructure

Workspace offer

À partir de 15,9€ HT / mois / utilisateur


NetExplorer Share

The collaborative suite

100 GB included

Share formula
The collaborative suite
100 GB included

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