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Opt for data security in a sovereign, trusted cloud.

NetExplorer offers the most certified data management solution on the market.

Over 1,500 organizations use NetExplorer to share files on a daily basis




"We adopted the NetExplorer solution to enable our consultants to access all documents from any workstation. Storing our data in France guarantees the security and confidentiality of our documents. With NetExplorer, we are choosing a solution that is RGPD-compliant and ISO 27001 and 9001 certified. "


Total security for your files

From storage to document sharing, the security of your data is global.

Manage access rights to your documents according to your teams, and ensure the confidentiality of your files. You can authorize a member of your team to consult a file, but not to modify or download it. Control everyone's actions on your platform and benefit from total traceability You know who's doing what, when and where.

Share your documents with colleagues and customers, and define sharing options: expiration date, password protection, access types (download or preview only).

NetExplorer offers a wide range of options for ensuring the confidentiality and security of your documents.

netexplorer sovereign cloud

Choose an infrastructure entirely dedicated to you and adapted to your organization's needs, in a sovereign environment that reinforces the confidentiality and protection of your documents.

With NetExplorer, your data is stored in France and is subject to European and French legislation, guaranteeing youtotal protection and control of your information.

A controlled, sovereign infrastructure

Protection for even the most sensitive data

Advanced features to secure your information system.

Back up your files on three geographically distant storage media, guaranteeing data availability and continuity of service, even in the event of a major event at one of our sites (e.g. fire).

Avoid data loss with our 30-day retention policy, so any inadvertently deleted files can be restored.

Isolate your data from other customers with our dedicated servers. The advantage? Absolute confidentiality and security for your data.

With NetExplorer, your data is fully encrypted and analyzed by our antivirus software. So you're protected against ransomware and leaks outside your information system.

A trusted third party to protect your files

Double authentication

NetExplorer lets you take security a step further by enabling dual authentication. Three methods are available:

  • SMS : The user receives an SMS containing an authentication code.
  • OTP: The generation of an authentication code on an external application that supports OTP.
  • Yubikey: A physical token (USB key format) generates a secure authentication code. The code is automatically entered by pressing the button on the token. 


NetExplorer offers you the strongest guarantees for securing your files.

Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees maximum data protection, ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of your stored and shared information. An even higher level of security with our PCI DSS certification.

NetExplorer has its own servers, so your data is 100% secure!


With NetExplorer, you opt for a digital trust partner in a secure, certified and RGPD-compliant environment.

With the processing and security of your data at the heart of our concerns, we work every day to comply with the requirements of the RGPD.

NetExplorer processes only the personal data of its customers in full compliance and transparency.

No more data loss

Forgetfulness, handling errors, malicious intent... Data loss will be impossible from now on. The NetExplorer cloud solution keeps your deleted data in the recycle garbage can for a period set by the platform administrator.

And even if your recycle garbage can is purged, NetExplorer allows you to recover the data within 30 days.

Why choose
for your data storage?

Focus on your core business and delegate data storage and management to a trusted, sovereign cloud solution.

NetExplorer is the most certified cloud solution on the market, offering not only the highest level of security :

Sovereign storage

Secure sharing

Collaboration in a trusted cloud

Document validation

Legal electronic signature

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