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Manage your data in a trusted cloud. A solution adapted to your business sector, 100% secure and sovereign.

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An HDS-certified file sharing and storage solution for healthcare institutions

Maximum protection for storing and sharing your healthcare data: X-rays, confidential patient records, scans, office documents, etc.

Banks & Insurance

Streamline exchanges with your customers!

Create dedicated spaces per customer and manage access so that they can upload and/or download their files.
Share your contracts with your collaborators in complete security via link sharing or email.

professional cloud
collaborative tool

Real estate

Benefit from a simplified management of your real estate projects

Whether you are a real estate agent, appraiser or any other profession in the sector, simplify and secure all your data. Obtaining the signature of a lease, a promise of sale and all your documents is done in one click with the electronic signature with legal value NetExplorer.


Improve your daily work with a file sharing solution

Centralize all your documents and secure access to your confidential data.
Create a dedicated folder for each of your clients so that they can deposit their invoices, contracts or any other documents in the folder themselves.

professional cloud
secure data management


Share your documents with your customers in complete security!

Share your files with your customers and retrieve their supporting documents quickly.
Sign or have your contracts signed with a legal signature.
Work efficiently with your internal teams thanks to NetExplorer collaboration and its professional cloud.


Centralize all your legal data (internal and external) on a single platform and ensure security and confidentiality for your clients.

Save time when putting together files by storing your documents in one place and concentrate on the essential: your business!

Building & Construction

Simplify the management of
your files!

Store plans online and exchange them in a few clicks. With NetExplorer, annotate the files of your choice and have them validated by your colleagues.

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secure file management


Discover secure file sharing!

Send large files such as high-resolution photos, storyboards, 3D designs, and videos.
Work more easily with a collaborative solution, and improve your customers' satisfaction!

professional cloud
collaborative tool


Facilitate teamwork among students, teachers and trainers.

Use a simple solution to securely store administrative files, allow instructors to distribute their course or training materials, and provide your students with the ability to work effectively in teams.

Associations & NGOs

Facilitate access to information within your organization

Benefit from an ergonomic and customizable workspace to easily exchange with all your stakeholders: elected officials, neighborhood councils, associations, volunteers.
Access information anytime and anywhere.

professional cloud
associations simplify secure data
professional cloud
secure file management

Human resources

Share your contracts and confidential documents

NetExplorer guarantees the confidentiality and security of the information stored on your platform and the documents distributed within your organization or to the outside world thanks to its professional cloud.

Public institutions

Simplify exchanges and secure your data

Improve file exchange within your public organization and streamline communication between the various stakeholders you deal with on a daily basis.

Also offer your organization total security of all your data and those of your constituents and users.

Transport & Logistics

Interconnect all your sites
on a single platform!

Centralize all your documents or files on the same platform and facilitate exchanges between your different sites around the world! Share large files, quotes, expert reports with your recipients.

professional cloud
professional cloud

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