Secure collaborative suite for your corporate files

Share, create, modify, co-edit and revise your files easily with others!

NetExplorer Workspace offers you a highly secure environment for storing your corporate files and collaborating online.

They trust us to manage their files


All your organization's data unified in a secure space


A secure safe for all your data in a certified, partitioned area


Intuitive, ergonomic interface, easily accessible without training

NetExplorer Workspace, the complete file management solution

Our collaborative file management suite combines secure sharing and effective collaboration to streamline exchanges and teamwork, while guaranteeing control of your data.


Enable your teams to collaborate seamlessly on documents, with the ability to create, modify and co-edit files in real time. Workspace supports all standard document formats: docx (Word), xlsx (Excel), pptx (PowerPoint), and their equivalents.


Streamline document approval processes with our validation feature. It ensures that each file is reviewed and approved by the right people before distribution.

Document revisions become collaborative. Workspace enables teams to comment, suggest changes and track document versions easily, while allowing them to go back at any time.


Keep abreast of any important changes with real-time notifications, ensuring that every team member is always up to date with the latest updates and actions.

Find what you need fast with our content search engine, capable of indexing and finding files based on keywords, file names or specific content within the document itself.

Harmonize document creation with customizable templates, providing a uniform starting point for projects and ensuring consistency in corporate documentation.

NetExplorer platform with word file editing

Data security

NetExplorer offers the most certified file management solution on the market. Choose uncompromising data security in a sovereign, trusted cloud.

  • A safe for all your data: double authentication, data isolation, encryption, antivirus protection and a robust backup system keep your data totally secure.
  • A sovereign infrastructure: your data is stored exclusively in France and operated by a French company. They remain subject to European and French legislation.
  • Our certifications: NetExplorer is certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and HDS (Health Data Hosting Company) to guarantee total security for your data.
  • RGPD compliant: Our security and personal data protection measures make NetExplorer a trusted partner that makes it easy for you to comply with the RGPD.

Applications included with
NetExplorer Workspace

In addition to our web interface, we provide you with applications adapted to access and share your files according to your needs and environment.


Our NetSync solution synchronizes data between your NetExplorer platform and your computer, so you can access it even without an Internet connection.

Mobile application

The NetExplorer application lets you access your files, easily share items, and edit your documents just like on a computer.

NetExplorer Drive

Access your stored folders and files directly from a network drive on your local workstation using the NetExplorer Drive application.


Outlook connector

The NetExplorer Connector for Outlook lets you easily send large attachments, without size constraints, directly from your mailbox.

Teams connector

The NetExplorer Connector for Teams lets you send files securely and without size constraints during your Teams meetings or conversations.

Need to know more about the NetExplorer Workspace solution?

Our options for NetExplorer Workspace

Complete your Workspace offer according to your uses and needs.

Electronic signature

Simplify your signature processes with our secure electronic signature compliant with European standards (eIDAS).

NetExplorer API

Benefit from tailor-made integration and total customization thanks to our API access. It adapts to your existing systems and business applications.

Tattoo documents

Secure your documents with our digital watermarking system. Each file is marked with a unique identifier, ensuring traceability during distribution.

Choose the Workspace offer that's right for you

Workspace Pro

15.90 / month / user

Share features

The collaborative suite

3 users and more

100 GB included

Share features
The collaborative suite
3 users and more
100 GB included

Workspace Enterprise

Tapering rate based on number of users

Share features

The collaborative suite

100 GB included

Dedicated infrastructure

Priority support

Share features
The collaborative suite
100 GB included
Dedicated infrsatructure
Priority support

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