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NetExplorer supports all healthcare professionals in storing and sharing confidential patient data.

A trusted player in e-health, our solutions have been HDS-certified since 2019.

HDS certification

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HDS certification - Health Data Hosting

Protecting your patients also applies to e-health. Securing your sensitive and confidential data means implementing an HDS-certified solution. This measure aims to reinforce the protection of medical confidentiality in the digital age, where highly sensitive information can be stored in the cloud.

Health Data Hosting certification attests to the compliance of an organization's procedures with the requirements for hosting personal health data. As a healthcare player, having an HDS-certified service demonstrates your ability to protect against data intrusion, loss or alteration.

This certification, which covers datacenters, servers and all digital solutions managing the storage and processing of healthcare data, is essential for any company involved in one of the following activities:

  • Design and maintenance of sites processing health data
  • Design and maintenance of hardware infrastructures 
  • Health data management and exploitation
  • Storage of health data

Since 2018, HDS certification has become mandatory for all organizations, public or private, hosting, processing or having access to healthcare data. This concerns any legal or natural person hosting or processing personal health data on behalf of organizations in the medico-social sector. In addition, all subcontractors processing or storing health data must also be HDS-certified.

HDS certification is a crucial mechanism for protecting healthcare data, in response to the requirements of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The scope of information protection is vast, and includes :

  • Physical and mental health information revealing a person's general state of health.
  • Health history related to the patient's medical history, including previous illnesses, surgeries, treatments and allergies.
  • Prognoses of future health, based on current and past data, concerning the potential evolution of the patient's health.
  • Information on family life, such as marital status, number of children, health history of family members.
  • Other types of data indirectly linked to health, such as administrative and contact information.

To approve an organization's HDS compliance, two main standards, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000, play a crucial role in establishing the criteria for this certification.
ISO 27001 is a standard that accounts for 80% of the compliance criteria related to the requirements for a secure Information Security Management System (ISMS).
ISO 20000 is included in the criteria for HDS certification. This standard focuses on IT service management, ensuring that the technology used to protect personal data is constantly updated. A hosting provider can obtain HDS certification for one or more of the following activities: physical hosting, hardware infrastructure, application hosting platform, virtual infrastructure, IS administration and operation, and data backup.

HDS certification

NetExplorer, an HDS-certified cloud for your business

NetExplorer is HDS certified by AFNOR for all six levels of activity, reflecting a complete commitment to e-health data security.

Hospitals and clinics

An HDS-certified cloud is essential for ensuring the security of sensitive data in hospitals, where a multitude of confidential information is processed. By ensuring constant monitoring, it protects against the ever-increasing number ofcyber-attacks.

It also facilitates the real-time sharing of information between healthcare professionals, improving care coordination and reducing the risk of medical error. By adopting NetExplorer, you reinforce and maintain a reputation of trust between professionals and patients.

HDS certification

Secure file sharing for
company files

Share all types of confidential files with no size limit by link or email.

Reinforce the protection of your documents with strong authentication measures by establishing access rights per file for all stakeholders (doctors, nurses, patients).

The mission of our Share product is to facilitate document exchange through an intuitive, high-performance and secure tool.

Collaborative suite for
your corporate files

The highly secure platform for storing, sharing, creating, modifying and co-publishing online. Opt for simplified collaboration while guaranteeing control of your medical data.

The mission of our Workspace product is to facilitate collaboration and exchanges between healthcare professionals by centralizing your sensitive documents on a single platform.

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Secure storage and sharing

To ensure total confidentiality, your healthcare data is hosted and managed in France, and remains subject to European and French legislation.

The ease with which healthcare professionals can share information with each other is based on strict respect for patients' rights, ensuring efficient, secure collaboration.

Enhanced security and confidentiality

Access to data requires not only a login but also a strong password, in accordance with strict double authentication standards.

Confidentialised Personal Care Files (DSCP) are encrypted, making them impossible to read without an appropriate decryption key.

Respect for privacy and medical confidentiality

Encryption ensures that data cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties, preserving privacy and medical confidentiality.

Data is stored on geographically separate servers, increasing security and resilience in the face of any disruption or attack.

Frédéric LAMAGDELAINEProject Manager, IT Department, Samu Social de Paris
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"With NetExplorer we share and collaborate simply, in an HDS-compliant and totally secure environment, easily adapting the rights/confidentiality/traceability constraints of each of our missions to suit their needs."

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