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Collaborate easily, manage access and modification rights to your resources, sign electronically and much more!

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Managing your files has never been so easy, efficient and secure. No training is required to use the solution and deployment is just a click away.


Teams in France to support you. If our customers recommend us, it's also thanks to our proximity! Because behind the NetExplorer sovereign technology are experts at your side, dedicated to managing your data in the cloud.

96% of our customers recommend us

NetExplorer, the most secure sovereign cloud secure cloud solution

The NetExplorer sovereign cloud is a solution designed at all levels to ensure the security of your data.
Simple for the user, comprehensive for the administrator, NetExplorer allows you to exchange files without size limits in full confidentiality and traceability.


Share your files in complete confidence

With NetExplorer, secure file sharing has never been easier! By email or via a simple link, the NetExplorer solution allows you to share all kinds of data (videos, photos, folders, presentations, spreadsheets, text documents...) within your organization or to the outside world.

The solution also integrates with your everyday tools via APIs. For example, NetExplorer allows you to send your documents without format or size limits to your partners or customers, directly from your Microsoft Outlook email or during a Teams session.

With the dedicated Microsoft Outlook connector, NetExplorer secures your attachments, even the largest ones. At the same time, NetExplorer frees up space in your mailbox.

Also, you automatically receive an acknowledgement of the download and benefit from traceability for your sent documents. In short, you know if your recipient has downloaded your attachment, how many times, from where and when.

NetExplorer also offers a connector for the Microsoft Teams application, which secures data sharing during your video conferences.


Secure file sharing

Secure file sharing

sovereign cloud alciom customer

Robert LACOSTE, President of Alciom

"ALCIOM was looking for a solution to share documents with its customers, startups and innovation departments of large groups. The NetExplorer solution gives us exactly what we were looking for: security and confidentiality, easy creation of workgroups and above all data storage on European soil.

Exchange and collaboration without limits

online collaboration

The NetExplorer sovereign cloud makes collaboration easier, both internally and externally.

The document creation and co-editing functions increase productivity, reduce distances and significantly reduce costs.

Thanks to the NetExplorer sovereign cloud solution, any employee working on a document remains informed of the evolution of this file.

Working together has never been so easy!
All you have to do is invite a member of your team to the folder of your choice, give him/her access rights and that's it!

You benefit from a global and complete vision while remaining informed of the evolution of a document via notifications.

The collaborative solution for professionals


The collaborative solution for professionals

online collaboration


Project manager for the IT department of the Samu Social de Paris

"On a daily basis, NetExplorer saves us time by making it easier to share our files. Our email boxes are lighter. Online co-editing is extremely efficient: automatic backups prevent file loss, especially for field staff. In addition, users get up to speed quickly.

Validate and sign
your documents online

Would you like to save time in the process of validating and signing documents?
Then look no further!

NetExplorer's sovereign cloud allows you to easily validate changes made by users. When your documents are ready, you can submit them for signature, whether it's your contracts, quotes, purchase orders, etc.


NetExplorer allows you toincrease the speed of your teams'work and your processes by completely dematerializing document review operations.

Thus, you can approve or have approved, in a few clicks, the version of a document with your collaborators. You can also keep all stakeholders informed from your space.

By speeding up these processes, which have been particularly time-consuming up to now, you will save a considerable amount of time on all your projects.


document validation
signing of documents


The NetExplorer electronic signature has legal value

The NetExplorer electronic signature has legal value

online collaboration


Payroll Manager of the Social & Payroll Department


"The electronic signature with NetExplorer, in addition to being easy to use, is compliant with European regulations, thus securing the signature of our documents. We can share our files remotely with our customers and be assured of a fast signature process. Finally, we no longer have to worry about archiving our documents after signing since they remain in the NetExplorer ecosystem."

A sovereign cloud for a smaller carbon footprint

According to a study by Arcep,
the digital sector as a whole is responsible for 2.5% of greenhouse gas emissions in France.
In figures, this gives 16.9 million tons of CO2.

Rest assured, this does not only concern the storage of data, but the whole of the communication networks, the terminals and the uses.

Choosing a sovereign cloud solution like NetExplorer limits the impact on the environment in several ways. Indeed, NetExplorer has its own servers, in France. In concrete terms, this means that your data will not be sent around the world when you upload a file, for example. Also, many standards, especially environmental, are applicable in France, unlike other regions of the world that do not have the same requirements. For example, our servers meet the 50001 and 14001 standards concerning energy management and environmental management respectively.


NetExplorer's data centers meet the requirements of the European Code of Conduct, particularly with regard to PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). This indicator measures the energy efficiency of a data center. PUE is calculated by dividing the total energy consumed by the total energy used by the equipment. For comparison, on average in France, data centers have a PUE of 2.5. In concrete terms, the lower the PUE value, the better the energy performance. NetExplorer's data centers have a PUE of 1.3 and 1.45.


Firstly, NetExplorer has always adopted an eco-responsible management policy at all levels (remote operations management, preventive maintenance, recycling, etc.). This global infrastructure management policy allows us to guarantee the lowest possible impact on the environment, while maximizing the quality of service provided to our cloud solution customers. The quality of our infrastructure is also guaranteed by several ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001). Finally, our Equinix and Zayo data centers are among the most efficient in France and are classified as Tier 3+ and Tier 4, which are the highest levels of requirements.



NetExplorer helps users of its platform to minimize storage, in particular thanks to a very advanced management of recycle garbage cans, an automatic purge of obsolete file versions or an optimization of the weight of user requests. NetExplorer also allows to drastically reduce the number of emails. Thus, when sharing a file, even a large one, the document is not loaded in each of the recipients' and sender's mailboxes, but only on the NetExplorer platform.

A final concrete example concerns video previews, because the stakes are high. Indeed, simply viewing a 10-minute high definition video online on a smartphone is equivalent to using a 2000W electric oven at full power for 5 minutes! The NetExplorer platform allows video preview in two definition versions (medium and low), which automatically adapts to the user's available bandwidth. Speed of execution, user comfort and environmental responsibility are therefore at the heart of the NetExplorer platform.



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