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Experts in file management for over 15 years, our highly secure and certified solutions are hosted in our trusted cloud to guarantee organizations total control of their data.



Collaborate seamlessly

Our solutions, developed and operated entirely in-house, ensure efficient and secure collaboration.


Work with serenity

Your NetExplorer data is secured and replicated in real time on three media and two remote datacenters


Act with a clear conscience

Our data centers, committed to a GreenIT approach, ensure that your data is managed ecologically and responsibly, in line with our and your values.

A cloud suite for your corporate files

Dive into the heart of our cloud solutions dedicated to demanding professionals. NetExplorer isn't just a storage platform; it's the building blocks for enterprise document management, where every file is treated with the utmost confidentiality. Benefit from real-time co-editing tools, rigorous access controls and electronic signatures, all in a certified sovereign environment.

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Secure sharing for corporate files

Share without constraint

Any file, any size.

Share in total security

Traced exchanges and fine-tuned management of access rights.

Share quickly and easily

One click from any device.

Unrivalled security for DPOs and IT teams

In a digital world where data protection is paramount, NetExplorer sets itself apart by offering uncompromising security. Every file stored and shared is protected by our advanced security protocols. To reinforce our commitment to data sovereignty and protection, we operate our own data centers in Paris. Managing data storage ourselves guarantees total control of the security chain, from certifications to day-to-day operations. With NetExplorer, give your business the peace of mind it deserves.

The most certified sovereign solution on the market

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NetExplorer benefits

Security, Flexibility, Cost and Simplicity

We have deliberately chosen to design a platform that is both powerful and intuitive. This means that no extensive training is required before you and your team can start making the most of our tools. Our user interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate, with clearly defined and accessible functionalities.

Thanks to our Cloud platform, you and your team can access your files and collaborate in real time, wherever you are and whenever you want. No need to worry about file synchronization or which version you're using; everything is centralized and updated in real time to ensure seamless collaboration.

NetExplorer is not only a convenient way to store and share files, it's also a highly secure solution. Our servers are based in France, ensuring total sovereignty over your data. What's more, our multi-layered security measures, including full data encryption and two-factor authentication, ensure that your data is protected against any kind of risk.

Our platform has been designed to simplify document management and streamline your business processes. By avoiding repetitive tasks and automating where possible, NetExplorer helps reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency. Time and resource savings can be reinvested in value-added activities for your business.

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A sovereign cloud for a smaller carbon footprint

According to a study by Arcep,
the digital sector as a whole is responsible for 2.5% of France's greenhouse gas emissions.
In figures, this amounts to 16.9 million tonnes of CO2.

Rest assured, this doesn't just apply to data storage, but to the whole range of communication networks, terminals and uses.

Choosing a sovereign cloud solution like NetExplorer limits environmental impact in a number of ways. NetExplorer has its own servers in France. In concrete terms, this means that your data won't be sent around the world when you upload a file, for example. In addition, many standards, notably environmental, are applicable in France, unlike in other parts of the world where the same requirements do not apply. For example, our servers comply with standards 50001 and 14001 concerning energy management and environmental management respectively.


NetExplorer's data centers meet the requirements of the European Code of Conduct, in particular with regard to PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). This indicator measures the energy efficiency of a datacenter. PUE is calculated by dividing the total energy consumed by the total energy used by the equipment. By way of comparison, the average datacenter in France has a PUE of 2.5. In other words, the lower the PUE value, the better the energy performance. NetExplorer's data centers have a PUE of 1.3 and 1.45.


Firstly, NetExplorer has always adopted an eco-responsible management policy at all levels (remote operations management, preventive maintenance, recycling...). This global infrastructure management policy ensures the lowest possible impact on the environment, while maximizing the quality of service provided to our cloud solution customers. The quality of our infrastructures is also guaranteed by several ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 9001). Our data centers, Equinix and Zayo, are among the most efficient in France, and are classified as Tier 3+ and Tier 4 - the highest levels of requirements.



NetExplorer supports users of its platform in minimizing storage, notably through advanced management of recycle garbage cans, automatic purging of obsolete file versions and optimization of the weight of user requests. NetExplorer also drastically reduces the number of e-mails. For example, when a file is shared, even a large one, it is not uploaded to each of the recipient's and sender's mailboxes, but only to the NetExplorer platform.

A final concrete example concerns video previews, because the stakes are high. Simply viewing a 10-minute high-definition video online on a smartphone is equivalent to running a 2000W electric oven at full power for 5 minutes! The NetExplorer platform offers video previews in two definition versions (medium and low), which automatically adapt to the user's available bandwidth. Speed of execution, user comfort and eco-responsibility are therefore at the heart of the NetExplorer platform.




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