HDS Certification

A guarantee for healthcare actors and sensitive patient data

The HDS (Health Data Hosting) certification is a quality label. It aims to reinforce the protection of personal health data and build an environment of trust around e-health and patient monitoring.

The security of health data, its confidentiality, availability and integrity are central to our company's concerns.

By receiving HDS certification, NetExplorer demonstrates its ability to implement security measures that protect its own data and that of its customers.

The HDS certification certifies that IT service providers meet high security and privacy requirements to manage and protect their users' health data.

The HDS label is based on strict specifications. The accreditation standard requires extensive guarantees in accordance with French and European legislation on data management.

This standard is based on the ISO 27001 because it has similar requirements in terms of information security.


Services in constant evolution

The accreditation is issued for a period of 3 years with audits every 12 months. The solution is therefore subject to regular assessments, attesting that the security levels acquired when the certification was obtained are maintained.

In addition, the HDS standard is regularly revised to keep pace with changing practices and technologies. Thanks to this, NetExplorer ensures you a guarantee of security over time.

Highly secure management of sensitive data is at the heart of our expertise. Opting for an HDS-certified partner is a guarantee of its reliability and its ability to provide secure services to healthcare professionals on a long-term basis.

NetExplorer ensures secure management of your health data, which is constantly evolving.

What does it bring you?

Guarantee a very high level of security for your organization and concrete measures for the management of your health data.

All information stored on your NetExplorer solution is backed up in real time on two geographically distant servers. Thus, in case of a major problem, your data and those of your patients are not lost and remain accessible.

Share medical files and records in a totally confidential, secure and regulatory compliant way . All this without endangering their integrity and facilitating the management and diagnosis of patients.

Protect your organization from malicious acts and cyberattacks of all types that particularly target healthcare facilities.

NetExplorer offers you the most advanced guarantees in terms of health data protection thanks to its compliance with the HDS accreditation standard.

Control your capital expenditures with no upfront costs for physical servers and other inefficient infrastructure.

Also, pay as the storage you need for your facility grows, in an evolutionary manner.


hds certification

The certifying body

Afnor is a certification body that operates in France and in more than 100 countries and has more than 60,000 certified sites to its credit.
This reference player has the will to put forward four values:
the collective, quality, trust and responsibility.
You can find all the details of these elements in this guide from Afnor

Afnor has two major brands with strong notoriety, Afaq (French Association for Quality Assurance) and the NF (French standard) brand.

All this makes Afnor the certification body par excellence in attesting to the quality approaches of companies on all levels with their customers.

NetExplorer is HDS certified by Afnor for its requirements in terms of secure health data management.