signing documents

Electronic signature with NetExplorer

Signing legally-binding electronic documents means your team can work faster. By completely dematerializing this process, you can avoid time-consuming round-trips by post.

You can electronically sign documents both internally within your organization, andexternally with your customers and partners.

Over 1,500 organizations use NetExplorer to share files on a daily basis


signing documents
signing documents
signing documents
signing documents
signing documents
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Christophe MARCILLY - Chairman, APIXIS


"A NetExplorer partner for over 4 years, this solution is perfectly suited to the needs of multi-site companies and projects involving several players (architects, communications agencies, food distribution groups, etc.). Constantly innovating its functionalities, NetExplorer offers the advantages of a solution with data hosted in France, rapid deployment and ease of use for users. There's no need to change habits, and the tool is quickly taken on board."

The three main levels of electronic signature

  • The digitized handwritten signature requires validation by email, and records the integrity of the document, as well as the time stamp of the signature. This is the first level of signature, used to electronically sign non-binding documents such as expense claims, internal documents or quotations.
  • The simple eIDAS signature, also known as a legal signature, requires two verifications: sending an email and entering a code received by SMS. Its security level is therefore higher. This electronic signature formally identifies the signatory. For this level of security, it is impossible to modify the data after the signature has been affixed. This level of signature, equivalent to a handwritten face-to-face signature, can be used to sign or have signed any type of document: general terms and conditions, employment contracts, etc.
  • The advanced eIDAS signature requires all the measures of the simple eIDAS and, in addition, validation of the signatory's identity beforehand by sending his or her identity document. Of course, the process is automated, so you don't have to take any manual action yourself. This high level of signature ensures that you have irrefutable legal proof, and that you can sign or have signed highly binding documents such as life insurance policies.
signing documents

Do you need to get a new employee to sign an employment contract? A quotation you need to get one of your customers to sign quickly? All your legal documents now require a reliable, secure digital signature, with full tracking and traceability.

Online signature and automatic reminder

Unified workflow

netexplorer sovereign cloud

Centralize the various stages of your files' lifecycle in a single space, regardless of your correspondents.

With NetExplorer, you can create your contract, work with several people simultaneously and share it with your teams as often as you like. This is followed by the various stages of validation, before finally getting the contract signed by your customers in complete simplicity.

The many advantages of electronic signatures

The legal framework

Note that the NetExplorer electronic signature is eIDAS qualified and has the same legal value as a handwritten face-to-face signature.

An electronic signature is a technical process by which a signatory affixes his agreement (the signature) to a digital document, using an approved tool.


Speed up the signing process

Electronic signatures (online signatures) drastically reduce document processing times.

This optimizes the signing process, while preserving the legal nature of such a document.

The conversion rate increases effortlessly, and your costs are reduced. Of course, your NetExplorer platform allows you to customize your interface, and your external signature requests reflect the image of your organization, offering your customers confidence and peace of mind.

Other benefits of electronic signatures: saving money and protecting the environment! No more printing documents or sending them by post!

Total security and traceability 

NetExplorer offers security and traceability of all your actions to increase efficiency (submission date, automated reminders, etc.).

You can go even further with superior authentication. This method includes verification of the signatory's identity.

RGPD compliant, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, NetExplorer brings you the guarantees you need to handle all your files, even the most sensitive.

NetExplorer also retains full traceability of all your files. Whether shared or sent for signature, all information concerning your documents is retained: date of action, time, user identity, access method and IP address.


Integrate e-signature into your applications

The NetExplorer API lets you integrate your file lifecycle wherever you need it.

With the NetExplorer API, you benefit from a reliable, easy-to-implement solution for integrating your file lifecycle into your day-to-day tools.

Take advantage of document validation and signature directly from your business applications.

Not all electronic signatures are created equal!

Before choosing an electronic signature tool, check its certification. It is essential that the signatures offered are eIDAS(Electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services) qualified. This is referred to as a qualified trust service provider. eIDAS is a European Union regulationon electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions within theEU. It guarantees the legal value of your signatures.

NetExplorer is a global solution for secure data management in a trusted cloud, which offers, in addition to the legal electronic signature :

Sovereign storage

Secure sharing

Collaboration in a trusted cloud

Document validation

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